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Tips for Showing your home


When Selling your home, appearance can be the single most important thing that attracts a buyer. Many needed improvements and repairs can add to the value of your home. Here are a few tips to help you maximize your home's value.


• Keep vour house and garage tidy.
• Keep pets out of sight and under control.

• Repair sticking doors or windows
• Keep television and radio volumes low or off.

• Decorate faded walls and touch-up woodwork.
• Make sure your lawn and other landscaping woodwork and out is neatly trimmed and mowed.

• Replace cracked windows. door windows
• Open the drapes and curtains. Clean windows and repair the torn screens. Dark rooms do not appeal to most buyers.
• Clean and sanitize carpets and rugs.

• Replace worm carpeting and rugs.
• Have your closet clean and organized.

• Repair broken switches and light bulbs.
• Repair or replace discolored or damaged caulking around bathtubs and showers.

• Wash or Paint exterior, if necessary.
• Leave showing entirely to your agent.

• Abolish objectionable odors.
• Give the real estate associate a key for use when you’re not there. Remember a missed showing can result in a missed sale!

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